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Cross-interoperability details:

This web service use the Europass / Europortfolio HR-XML CV application profile (v1.2.0 Final Release, based on HR-XML Candidate 2.5 XML schemas mapped with Cedefop Europass 1.2 schemas) and all related XSLs for cross interoperability with:

The PDF, OpenOffice (ODT) and Word (DOC) exports are using the Cedefop Web Service.

Available web-service functions:

Three transformation functions "FileTransformTo", "XmlTransformTo" and "XmlTransformToFile" are implemented and ready for testing.
The function "FileTransformToFile" is a new one and actually under testing.
The last one "FileTransformSendTo" to transport transformed CV to destination hosting webservice is under development.
Other functions planned for the final release for the end of 2008:

Warning : As CV Universel has moved to support HR-XML Europortfolio / Europass CV format the 'CVUNIVERSEL' is for the moment the same transformation as 'EUROPASSCVHRXML', it will probably change in a next release to remove the CV Owner information considered as discriminant by the 'Ethic & Recruiting Association' (Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality and Photo).

Terms and Conditions:

This service is available free of charge for individual use or demonstration purposes (interoperability testing),

This service is available free of charge for professional and commercial use for EIfEL and Europortfolio corporate members.

Please contact Marc Van Coillie for more information about this service or the related work.

Use of personal information submitted by CV owners or organisations to CVT:
These information could be use only for debugging purpose. We do not sell, rent, share, trade, or give away any of your personally identifiable information with third parties.

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